NON Drop High Temperature Grease

Servo High Temperature Grease is a Non-Drop Multi-Purpose Grease with high Oxidation Stability.


  1. For all types of Sliding surfaces, Brake Systems, and Foundry Machinery including Kilns.
  2. For a wide range of temperature applications.
  3. For all types of Farm, Marine, Textile and Construction Machinery.
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Test Method Test Description Test Limits
ASTM D-217 Penetration Worked at 25°C    : 220 – 250
ASTM D-972 Evaporation Loss at 99°C   %wt : 10.0 Max
ASTM D-1742 Oil Separation by air Pressure Method: 6.0 Max
ASTM D-566 Dropping Point °C: Non Drop
ASTM D-942 Oxidation Stability pressure drop after 100 Hrs: 10.0 Max
ASTM D-4048 Corrosiveness to Copper
a    Condition to Copper Strip
b    Copper Strip Rating : No etching or pitting
1b Max
ASTM D-1831 Roll Stability
Penetration after Test (Variation from original work penetration) +60 to -25
ASTM D-217 Prolonged Worked Penetration (20000 Strokes)
(%age difference from work penetration of original Grease) 3.0 % Max
Low Temperature Pumping Properties at -18 °C Pass
ASTM D-2266 Wear Preventive Characteristics    Avg. scar dia mm 0.8 Max
ASTM D-2596 Extreme Pressure Properties (Four-Ball Method)     Kg: 200 Min


NLGI: National Lubricating Grease Institute

ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

Performance, Benefits & Features

  1. High Oxidation Stability.
  2. Good Protection against Corrosion.
  3. Reduces Mechanical Wear.
  4. Thickener: Inorganic.
  5. NLGI Grade GB-LB – 3


  • 20x180gm – 8x500gm – 10x500gm – 10x1kg – 4x3Kg – 1x180Kg Drum

Health & Safety

  • Extended exposure to the skin could be hazardous. Wash hands after coming in contact. Keep away from eyes

Protect Environment

  • Take used Greases to an authorized collection point. Do not dispose off into drains, soil or water


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