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  • cool-cut

    SERVO Cool Cut 100

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    Metal Cutting-Oil
    For : Grinding, Milling, Hobbing, Turning, Boring and Drilling Operations.

  • Servo Cool-Cut-200

    SERVO Cool Cut 200

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    Neat Metal Cutting-Oil

  • SERVO IL-1 Oil

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    Excellent Quality (IL) INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS Servo IL-1 Oils are quality mineral oils for various industrial applications. Why should you use Servo IL-1 Oils? Unlike other oils offered in this class by various oil companies with NO additives added, Servo IL-1 Oils are blended with a cascade of additives, including Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives. Pour Point Depressant (PPD). Anti-Foaming Agent (AFA).


    Plain and rolling element bearings. Enclosed spur, helical, bevel & worm gearboxes where non-additive or low-additive mineral oil is approved by the gear manufacturer. Machine tool circulatory systems. Servo IL-1 Oils may be used in industrial applications where loadings and temperatures are moderate.

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