Servo - M5 20w50 Detail

Specifications & Properties
Test Method
SAE 20W-50
Viscosity @ 40C 152.45 D 445
Viscosity @ 100C 17.16 D 445
Viscosity Index 122 Min D 2270
Flash Point C 240 Min D 92
Pour Point - 21 Max D 97
TBN 9.5 Min D 2896
Sulfated Ash, %wt 1.06 Min D 974
Color L 2.5 Max D 1500
Evaporation Loss(NOACK) %wt 4.90% D 5800
Specific Gravity @ 15.6C to be reported D-1298
Copper Strip Corrosion @100C for 3 hrs 1 Max D 130


2 Stroke Motor Oil for Motorcycles and Three Wheelers Servo M5 20W50 oils are Economical motor-oils providing very good lubrication and heat-exchange for all petrol engines Designed for city and highway use.


Suitable for Motorcycles and Rickshaws with smaller engines mostly used in stop-and-go city traffic and highways

Performance, Benifits & Features

Complete additive package addition ensures peak performance in hot and cold weather. Addition of special gear oil additives protect the gear-box and clutch assembly. Product is manufactured as per SAE and API specifications mentioned on the product.


10x700ml - 8x1L

Health & Safety

Extended exposure to skin could be hazardous. Wash hands after coming in contact. Keep away from eyes.

Protect Environment

Take used oil to an authorized collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water

Specifications & Properties

Test Method